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Color Therapy - Secrets of Harnessing the Power of Color to Heal your Life

Siobhán has been teaching Gentle Yoga for 13 years and practicing for over 20. The gift of Gentle Yoga is to deeply restore the body, rebalancing the body from a stress response into a relaxation response.
This is perfect for all levels of yogis from beginners to advanced. These lessons are broken down into a number of videos from short 10minute de-stressors to a full 60minute class that you can integrate into your week. Designed to increase flexibility, reduce stress, and develop long-term calm.
Also includes lessons on Meditation and Mindfulness to deepen peace and consciousness.

Empowering Yourself as a Highly Sensitive Person

Interdimensional Beings - Angels, Aliens, Ghosts, Fairy and Demons Revealed.

Step into the interdimensional world of Angels, Demons, Fairy's, Ghosts and Aliens. In this training program Siobhán will reveal the world that she sees on a daily bases, bringing you on a journey through the dimensional layers.
- Meditation to meet an Angel
- How to work with the Fairy's and land spirits
- What are ghosts, how do they get trapped here and what can you do to support
- What are Demons
- Are there such beings as Aliens and if so what are there intention

Creating a Sacred Environment - Raise the Frequency of Your Home & Properties

"Siobhán Wilcox is one of the most connected and fully conscious individuals I am honored to know.  She is a delight to be with and her ability to connect with the higher realms is incredible.  I have had the opportunity on several occasions to have sessions with her in order to receive guidance from my angelic and higher dimensional guides.  Her abilities are remarkable and the guidance I receive has assisted me in following my Divine path, which has allowed me to more fully live my authentic life, as a consciously aware being.

 I would highly recommend anyone to Siobhán who is searching for further guidance in their life’s quest for the truth.  Her energy is a delight to be around and will uplift you in a loving and peaceful way." - Marcus T , CEO

Color Therapy is an ancient form of healing. This online training series explores the power of healing with color.
- The History of using color for healing
- Understanding the power of color
- Chakra systems and the Aura
- Using color in your home for balance
- How do I begin healing with color, for reducing stress and increased well-being etc..
- The frequency of color and words - analysising your name
- Technology used to heal with color

This online training is essential for keeping your home and workspace vibrational aligned, clear and protected
- What is currently in my space
- How do I clear what is harming me or my family
- How do I maintain this energy and protect my home ongoing

Highly Sensitive Person - a title coined by Dr Elaine Aaron. This workshop is designed to support those with a highly sensitive nature. Those that feel overwhelmed or overstimulated easily when out in the world.

This is a power packed three part video series, (47minutes) designed for spiritual seekers. It will guide you through:

  • The History of Pendulums & Dowsing.
  • The Art of using a Pendulum in your daily life to enhance your spiritual connection.
  • How to use it to support increased Manifesting
  • BONUS  Manifesting Checklist

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Gentle Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness - Creating Calm &
Deep Self-Care

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