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My Mission is to help you get clear and discover 'The Truth of Who You Are' using my profound access to  the Angelic Realm & Channeling Divine Wisdom -

'ReDiscover Your Magic'


I remembered I could heal with my hands at the age of 6 and have been working with my natural born intuition and healing abilities ever since. I'm the best selling author of “Thrive Now Blueprint – Self-Care & Success Strategies for Parents of Special Needs Children”.

My passion is to support you to remember “THE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE”- a divine, fully sourced individual. I work to turn on your full sourcing ability so that you can live a life filled with passion, purpose and prosperity.

  • Clearing Harmful Energies from your Environment - earthbound spirits, entities and more.
  • Releasing Karma that is hindering your full success.
  • Working on getting you aligned with Angelic Support.
  • Access your Past-Lives to help harness your brilliance.
  • Clearing old Outdated Patterns that no longer serve you. 
  • Increasing Your Health Levels by discovering what beliefs are hindering your full health.
  • Unfolding what is your True Life Purpose so you can live an authentic passion filled life.
  • Support for your energetically sensitive and/or Psychic Indigo Children & Teens.
  • Connecting you with your Guidance Team, so you know who has your back.

With over two decades of experience I've hosted hundreds of workshops and served thousands of clients improve their lives, are you ready to work with me and access divine wisdom so you can uplevel your energy today?






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Sessions available via Skype or at my office:  5205 Avenida Encinas, Suite A, Carlsbad, CA 92008

"Siobhán Wilcox is one of the most connected and fully conscious individuals I am honored to know.  She is a delight to be with and her ability to connect with the higher realms is incredible.  I have had the opportunity on several occasions to have sessions with her in order to receive guidance from my angelic and higher dimensional guides.  Her abilities are remarkable and the guidance I receive has assisted me in following my Divine path, which has allowed me to more fully live my authentic life, as a consciously aware being.

 I would highly recommend anyone to Siobhán who is searching for further guidance in their life’s quest for the truth.  Her energy is a delight to be around and will uplift you in a loving and peaceful way." - Marcus T , CEO