Siobhán (Shevon), is originally from Ireland but now lives in Oceanside. She remembered she could heal with her hands at the age of 6 and has been working with her natural born abilities ever since. She is a best selling author of “Thrive Now Blueprint – Self-Care & Success Strategies for Parents of Special Needs Children”.

Her passion is to support you to remember “THE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE”- a divine, fully sourced individual. She works to turn on your full sourcing ability so that you can live a life filled with passion, purpose and prosperity.

With over two decades of experience she has hosted hundreds of workshops and served thousands, ranging from supporting the Bank of Ireland management team to working with the San Diego School of Hypnotherapy. She has appeared in print, on radio and television, talking about many forms of healing and stress reduction, Indigo children, Angels & Autism and color therapy.

With her direct connection to the world of spirit, Siobhán communicates with your guidance team and SOUL, bringing through wisdom that is both healing and inspirational.

Siobhán Wilcox | Intuitive Coach | Soul Whisperer

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"Siobhán is amazing. My life changed for the better immediately after seeing her and it was so enriching! Everything just fell into place. I recommend her highly."
Kathy Riggs - Director of Wireless Sales at nuCourse Distribution

"I hired Siobhan for her intuitive insight on my product creation several times from Italy where I live. Her abilities are indescribable and so amazingly helpful... even via Skype. She motivated me to complete a project that I was unsure of and now I am attracting only high end clients that benefit from my private virtual coaching programs. I couldn't have done it without her help!" - Diana Dentinger
International Speaker, Team Building Specialist, Women Empowerment, Performance Expert

"Wow, I am so humbled by this process. I have experienced much growth. Thanks so much for your continued work and for sharing your insights. This is an amazing path and I feel so honored to be on it. You continue to be such a blessing in my life. Thank you."  Wendy C - Teacher


Siobhán Wilcox


Master Healer and Intuitive,
Angelic Messenger & Soul Whisper